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Prevent further teeth damage by having routine dental exam and cleaning with our licensed and reputable dentists. In examusa.net we make our dental services comfortable as possible especially for our young and senior clients. Our services are available for clients living in the metropolitan or at nearby areas. Aside from proper nutrition a regular checkup with your dentist is your best defense against bleeding gums, gingivitis which can lead to far worse complications such as gingivitis, swollen gums, periodontal disease, periodontitis and receding gums. We offer low charge evaluation or preliminary dental checkups so we can assess what treatment we can apply. Our cleaning methods include routine cleaning, fluoride varnish and dental sealants. For our valued clients you can contact us for further information on our services and rates.

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Taking care of your oral health affects your general health, not to mention giving you more self confidence. Our professional and licensed dentists will help you achieve an overall health. We offer the general or routine cleaning as well as other specialized dental cleaning methods such as debridement, microsonic dental cleaning, prophylaxis and ultrasonic dental cleaning. You'll avoid bleeding gums, gingivitis and other gum diseases. We also offer deep cleaning, deep scaling and root planing. Contact us in your convenient time so we can set an appointment for a no charge evaluation.

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